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Art Gallery — Fan Art

The Tux Paint Gallery showcases fantastic artwork made in Tux Paint by both children and adults.
(Images shared with permission from the artists. Send us yours and we'll consider adding them.)

Twilight Sparkle with Tofu Burger
By email ≡☆ (foundingfatherscry)

Crash Bandicoot and Coco Bandicoot
By WoahAldo! (u/potential_drawer9711)

Giorno Giovanna (from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
By kingcharlie1028 (u/kingcharlie1028)

El Pingüino de Tux Paint
By ソニック ソニック ソニック ソニック ()

Ween 'Guava'
By hamthesillyhead ()

By Jopi (jopiluis)

By Jopi (jopiluis)

By Jopi (jopiluis)

Garfield (Minecraft style)
By Jopi (jopiluis)

Arlene from Garfield
By Jopi (jopiluis)

Nermal from Garfield
By Jopi (jopiluis)

Wade Duck from Garfield
By Jopi (jopiluis)

Pikachu from Pokémon
By krish (krish.wilds)

Gyarados from Pokémon
By krish (krish.wilds)

Scizor from Pokémon
By krish (krish.wilds)

Toxtricity Gigamax from Pokémon
By disegnopersbaglio (disegnopersbaglio)

Lechonk from Pokémon
By elairuforever (elairuforever)

Vergil from Devil May Cry
By chie (kremechi)

Marina from Splatoon
By Ryan/Scott (xx_catbrainz_xx)

Miku Hatsune Vocaloid
By sadsoops (sadsoops)

Itadori Yuji (from Jujutsu Kaisen)
By Nyana ()

Alternate Reality Puffles (from Club Penguin) #1
By Jopi (jopiluis)

Alternate Reality Puffles (from Club Penguin) #2: Garfield
By Jopi (jopiluis)

Alternate Reality Puffles (from Club Penguin) #3: Pizza
By Jopi (jopiluis)

By Vink (vinkybodoque)

By Vink (vinkybodoque)

Sakura by Buck-Tick
By Vink (vinkybodoque)
Timelapse (speed art)

Aida Degli Alberi Fanart
By Neianu (lyrasoll_)

Sponegbob (Tux Paint and Paint.NET)
By dhovorei (dhovorei)

Happy 20 Years, Tux Paint!!!
By Luiz

20 Years of Tux
By Brandon

I ♥ Tux Paint
By Kostya

Untitled (Pikmin)
By serena ()

What a Nice Sponge (#Spongebob)
By kermzoid ()

A Little Sonic Doodle
By T I K I ()

Untitled (Minecraft Creeper)
By Tapas

Halo 3 Mauler
By William Arkwright ()

Stardew Valley card
By Miamiguet ()

By Peter

By flatsart ()

Dr. Bones Cookie from Cookie Run Ovenbreak
By NewPuddingDX ()

SCP-527 and SCP-2287
By Alex

Miku Doodle
By kirnx-art (kirnx-art)

The Cheat (from Strong Bad)
By Goober (gooberaneetime)

Raiders of the Lost Paintbrush
By Miyagi Andel ()

Heliolisk (Pokémon)
By dummyringbomb (dummyringbomb)

Club Penguin Character in Tux Paint
By thaerias ()

Fluttgirshy (Fluttershy from My Little Pony ⨯ Gir from Invader Zim)
By Lily

Untitled (Nokémon)
By flatsart ()

Pyromaroon (Nokémon)
By flatsart ()

Herbaenoid (Nokémon)
By flatsart ()

Amphibitee (Nokémon)
By flatsart ()

Wobbuffett (Pokémon)
By Akira

Pillow Talk (My Little Pony)
By revon

Benatar in Tux Paint
By stacolate ()

Crimeboys Fanart (from Dream SMP)
By baji ()

TNT Duo (from Dream SMP)
By baji ()

TNT Duo (from Dream SMP)
By baji ()

Dap Duo (from Dream SMP)
By baji ()

In my court where I am king, surrounded by my favorite things! (Disco Duo, from Dream SMP)
By baji ()

Fanart for the game "Chicory: A Colorful Tale"
By Lettuce ()

Canimals Fanart
By Anna ()

Ranma (Tux Paint VS Clip Studio Paint)
By Kerto ()

brainrot (Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars)
By frances ()

Calborn from 'Homestuck'
By terry ()

Noah from 'Xenoblade'
By emma ()

Thomas Thorne from BBC 'Ghosts'
By lil idiot (lily-is-amused)

Serial Experiments Lain
By poli ()

'The Tiny Prince' doodle
By gabe ()

Sasha Waybright from Amphibia
By FucsiaDemon ()

Gary from Friday Night Funkin'
By meg ()

Dave and Bambi Golden Apple
By joel ()


By rook ()

Purpled Fan Art
By baji ()

John Egbert (Homestuck)
By ttsquid (ttsquid)

Jake English (Homestuck)
By ttsquid (ttsquid)

Marisa Kirisame (from Touhou)
By meringuejellyfish (meringuejellyfish)

Devilmanlady Ian
By Ryo Bateman ()

Splatoon's Warabi of Diss-Pair
By kai ()

By shimsies ()

A Sergal from Vilous
By Tinh1000000 (u/Tinh1000000)

Untitled (Richter Belmont from 'Castlevania' video game series)
By Astrid Commander ()

Hatsune Miku
By Lullaby (Website)

Captain Jack is Back
By Vashti

Spamton from Deltarune
By lovesickle ()

Tommyinnit in Tux Paint
By squoope ()

Little Lulu
By Melissa

Leoncio (Wally Walrus)
By Gabriel Cardoso

Chilly Willy
By Tommy Yelverton

(From Warioware)
By Volt ()

Alberto Scorfano (from 'Luca')
By Claire

Mario and Luigi
By Ethan

Super Smash Bros Brawl characters
By flatsart ()
Tweet thread

High School Musical
By Chesten

Untitled (Futurama)
By Ricker

Tux Paint Welcome Screen
By Michael

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