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Art Gallery — Animals

The Tux Paint Gallery showcases fantastic artwork made in Tux Paint by both children and adults.
(Images shared with permission from the artists. Send us yours and we'll consider adding them.)

By possumaeda ()

Fanart for the game "Chicory: A Colorful Tale"
By Lettuce ()

My Melody, but in Tux Paint
By Lettuce ()

Messin' around in tuxpaint
By THOE ()

A lil' thing
By sol ()

The Lion and the Mouse
By Charvi

Untitled (Duck)
By ﺖﺴﻨﻴﻣ

Untitled (Bug)
By Harrison Wyrick ()

Goose In Flight
By Mitch G.

Kitty Cat
By Noah

Flying Dino (Pteranodon)
By Adham

Untitled (cat)
By Ulyana

Tucks Goes to Antarctica
By Donovan Jr.

Untitled (Fox)
By Maija

'i_love_my1a' oc with 'cherrwii' oc
By 陈chen ()

Untitled (Bear)
By Dasha and Leo

Puppy-Dog Eyes
By Lauren

A Drink for Tiger
By Mitch G.

One Little White Kitten
By Michael

Aquarium 3
By Mitch G.

Rainbow Watching
By Tilly

Untitled (underwater scene)
By Charvi

By Jake

Phoenix Fire
By mimi

Kitten in the Sun
By Chelsea

Piano Playing Bear
By Jan

White Wolf
By Mitch G.

By Jason

By Maija

By Victoria

Mango the Conure
By Megan

Untitled (Birds)
By Yana

Coming Home
By Parag Chaukulkar

By Miyagi Andel ()

Untitled (Bugs)
By Guy Taylor

By Liv Helene

By Piyush

Un Dia en la Playa
By Daniela

By Sarah

By Angela

Untitled (Cat)
By Rebecca

Footprints in the Snow (lábnyomok a hóban)
By Pthalo

By Angela

Dolphin at Sunset
By Sophia

Untitled (Rose Dinosaur)
By Matias

Chilly Wlly
By Tommy Yelverton

Quick Doodle
By Miyagi Andel ()

Untitled (Underwater Scene)
By Laurence

Margritte: The Son of Man
By David Gulley

The Little Chick
By Ilanit

By Chrisa

White Stallion
By Vashti

The Bridge
By Ana Carolna Pamplona

The Unicorn Clearing
By Clara

Untitled (Butterfly)
By Laura

By Julia

Meerkat Face
By Czsieyjh

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Did you know? Penguins live almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere.