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Interviews with Tux Paint Artists

Millions of kids and adults around the globe have downloaded and enjoyed Tux Paint over the decades. We wanted to get to know some of the amazing artists who found our software, to find out why they use it, how they got so good at it, and a a little more about their lives. So we're conducting interviews, and sharing their stories below! Check back for more! You can also view all of the interviewees' art in the gallery!


July 13, 2023 — abruh's drawings always get our attention thanks to the little yellow bunny character found in each.


July 12, 2023 — Cecilia created some impressive landscapes with Tux Paint.

Miyagi Andel

July 11, 2023 — Miyagi is a master of using Tux Paint's smudge tool to create realistic landscapes.


July 10, 2023 — Koyo8899's use of dark, yet somehow vibrant colors fascinated us.


July 9, 2023 — Scott's funky, pop culture themed artwork stood out to us.


July 8, 2023 — Nana has made great portraits with vibrant colors using Tux Paint.


July 7, 2023 — Jacob creates incredible animations using drawings created almost entirely in Tux Paint.


July 6, 2023 — Léon is a prolific Tux Paint artist that makes incredibly vibrant and oft-rainbow-filled artwork.

Ket Overkill

July 5, 2023 — Ket amazed us with their incredibly photorealistic animal paintings drawn in Tux Paint.


July 3, 2023 — Serena's art often blends organic shapes, cute characters, and unique color palettes, resulting in a children's book style.

Bea Jumpup

July 2, 2023 — Bea has used Blender to bring her Tux Paint artwork to life in a number of animations, including a music video!


July 1, 2023 — Anet creates stylish artwork you wouldn't expect from a kids' drawing program (and puts the TV effect to great use).

Harrison Wyrick

June 29, 2023 — Harrison impressed us with his prolific collection of brightly-colored and uniquely-styled Tux Paint art.

Did you know? Tux Paint runs right on your computer, and doesn't require Internet access.