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Interview with Tux Paint Artist Scott

Conducted by Bill Kendrick. Posted July 9, 2023.

"Baby Universe" (Katamari Damacy fanart)

"Do You Own a Nintendo DS? It's Cool"

About Scott

What's your name?
Scott, or you can call me Scoot. Either one!
How old are you?
What do you do for a living?
Currently going to CalArts for a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. I also do some animation on the side.
Do you have other artistic endeavors?
Totally!! Filmmaking for sure, and animation have been one of my longtime passions. A little bit of photography too.
What are your other hobbies?
I love watching tokusatsu, collecting figures, playing video games, and going biking.
Where can people find you online?
You can find me at: My professional work portfolio is here too - https://scootportfolio.myportfolio.com/

🖼 View Scott's artwork in the Tux Paint Gallery

Discovering and Using Tux Paint

How and when did you first learn about Tux Paint?
I first learned about Tux Paint when I was about 7 or 8 I’d say. I think one of my parents had installed it on my old MacBook so I grew up drawing with it using my super old Wacom tablet. I drew a ton of mostly Club Penguin fan art… and some of my original characters too. It definitely was my first digital art program.
Did you stop using Tux Paint and come back to it later?
For a long time I stopped using Tux Paint, probably through finding other art programs. I still had a nostalgia for it though. One day, I think I just decided to reinstall it and started just messing around in it. It definitely made me nostalgic to relive all those magic tools haha. I didn’t start seriously using it again til I found the iPad build and really started to get back into the program. Now, Tux Paint is pretty much my No.1 art program!! It’s the greatest.
How do you usually interact with Tux Paint?
For me, I use the iPad build using my Apple Pencil.
What are your "go-to" tools in Tux Paint?
It’s funny, I find myself using the magic tools less now. But when I do use them, I love messing with the TV tool or the kaleidoscope. Shift is also pretty useful.
Is there something you wish Tux Paint could do that it can't?
It’d be easy for me to just say layers, but for me personally I would really enjoy a finer brush size slider. Sometimes I’ll find myself wishing for just a bit more size in one way or the other. But honestly, Tux Paint is appealing to me for the limitations it has. It’s what makes a cool piece of art in it more impressive, since it was made with the tools you were given. But I also think it’d be awesome if it was easier to animate in Tux Paint… that is my one dream…
What other kinds of art tools do you use?
Other than Tux Paint, I use Procreate. But lately, I’ve really just been using Tux Paint and physical pen and paper. Something about it just feels more fun to me.
Do you ever edit your Tux Paint art in other drawing programs or vice-versa?
I only ever use Procreate to edit my art. It’s mostly for coloring, and to add a background. Almost always, though is the main drawing done in Tux Paint.
What tips or tricks would you like to share with other aspiring artists?
Something a buddy of mine told me is that you can use white paint to erase instead of using the eraser tool! It’s pretty handy since you can just use the same size brush to erase as you draw. Really improves your Tux Paint workflow.

Style and Inspiration

What would you call your art style?
Not sure, really. I don’t know if I have a name in mind… I’ve definitely aimed to have my art be super funky, bold, and dynamic. I like being all around.
Are there certain topics or fandoms that you like to focus on in your art?
There are so many… I think I find myself drawing Sonic the Hedgehog a lot, he’s a good casual draw for me. Also, Wario. Can’t explain it, but I just love drawing Wario for hours and hours, I think he’s just naturally drawable. Also love drawing Kamen Rider and other tokusatsu heroes in Tux Paint. And when I’m not drawing other characters, I just draw myself.

Sonic the Hedgehog doodles

Wario doodles
What artists do you look up to?
For sure one of my biggest artist inspirations would be Hiroyuki Imaishi, an animator at Studio TRIGGER. Most known for being the creator of Gurren Lagann, Promare, and other works, his art style is just so dynamic and fun to look at. Makes you feel the motion his art’s going for.
What other things inspire you to make art?
Art makes me feel cool and it feels cool to make art. What more could you say?
Have you ever published or exhibited your art?
I’ve been working on compiling a handful of collected works books with all of my Tux Paint art… there’s just so much to choose from, so the book keeps getting bigger and bigger. Tux Paint feels like my own digital sketchbook and I think that’s wonderful.


If you could interview me, or someone else who works on the Tux Paint project, what would you ask us?
How’s it feel to see such a wide range of art with the program, especially with more teens and adults? Definitely got me to start creating more in Tux Paint seeing how crazy some people can get with this program, so I’m curious to what the creator thinks?

Bill: It's really nice to have a legacy, and to know the work that I and the rest of the team are doing can have such a positive impact on so many people, beyond beyond just a fun little time waster.

To be honest, I'm actually honored that the goofy little program I do as a hobby gets used by talented folks such as yourself (and not just "for the lulz" ;) )

"Baby Universe" (Katamari Damacy fanart)

"Adrenaline Rush" (Kamen Rider Ichigo fanart)

Did you know? Tux Paint is not shareware, it's open source. So it's free, forever!