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This page includes various screeshots of Tux Paint's interface, and examples of features, put together by the developers. Be sure to check out the gallery for real drawings made by children and adults using Tux Paint!

(Most screenshots are of Tux Paint version 0.9.23.)

Starting out

Starting out

Tux Paint starts with an empty canvas, ready to be drawn on.

A coloring book picture

You can also load 'Starter' pictures, like this coloring-book turtle.

'Starter' scene

Some 'Starter' pictures include both a foreground (which can't be drawn over), and a background.


A simple drawing

Draw freehand pictures using the various brushes.

The Line tool

Perfectly straight lines can be drawn with the line tool.

The Shapes tool

Filled and unfilled shapes can be drawn in different colors and at various angles using the shapes tool.

The Fill tool

Fill areas of the picture with solid colors or gradients.

Rubber Stamps

The stamp tool allows a wide array of pre-drawn and photo-realistic images to be added to a drawing.
(Or compose the drawing entirely of stamps!)

Tinted Rubber Stamp images

Most stamps can be mirrored, flipped, shrunk and grown. Some stamps can be colored or tinted, like these flowers.

Outer-space rubber stamp images

Many stamp themes are included with Tux Paint. You can also add your own.

The text tool

A simple text tool lets children annotate their pictures or create greeting cards. It also helps keyboarding skills!


Opening a picture

Saved pictures are accessed using a thumbnail browser.

Saving a picture

Children are never presented with more than simple Yes/No dialogs.

'Magic' Tools

Along with basic painting, line, and shape tools, Tux Paint includes over nearly 80 additional tools offering a variety of effects.

The blocks magic tool

Pixelate pictures with the blocks magic tool.

The chalk and blur magic tools

Turn a picture into a chalk drawing, or blur parts of it.

The sparkles and negative magic tools

Add sparkles to a picture, or invert the colors.

The rainbow and fade magic tools

A rainbow of colors can be drawn with ease, and faded later.

The fill tool

Large swaths of an image can be filled with various colors.

Language Support

Parts of Tux Paint have been translated into nearly 130 languages:

Tux Paint in Spanish

Tux Paint in Spanish

Entering Japanese text

Entering Japanese characters with Tux Paint's 'Text' tool

Tux Paint in French

Tux Paint in French

Tux Paint in German

Tux Paint in German

Tux Paint in Icelandic

Tux Paint in Icelandic

Tux Paint in Chinese (Simplified)

Tux Paint in Chinese (Simplified)

Tux Paint in Korean

Tux Paint in Korean

Tux Paint Config

Tux Paint Config, graphical configuration tool for parents and teachers.

Tux Paint Stamps Installer

Tux Paint Stamps installer on Windows.

Tux Paint Photos

A photograph of Tux Paint running on a Nokia 770 Linux-based handheld computer.
Note: Photo is a combination of two photos, for improved visibility.

A photograph of Tux Paint running on a Sharp Zaurus Linux-based PDA (handheld computer).

Did you know? Adults enjoy Tux Paint, too!