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Known Issues

Tux Paint 0.9.30
(May 2023)

If you are still using Tux Paint 0.9.29, please see that version's "Known Issues" list.

  • All Versions (global issues)
    Tux Paint loads very slowly
    The first time Tux Paint is launched (for a particular user), it may take a minute or more to respond. The font system used by Tux Paint (Pango) is creating a 'cache' of information about the fonts on your system. Subsequent launches of Tux Paint should be fast.

    While the font cache is generated behind the scenes, Tux Paint should remain interactive (showing an animated 'please wait' animation) while this process runs.
    Eraser selector doesn't show scroll buttons
    This will be corrected in Tux Paint 0.9.31. It can occur when the window size is very small and/or the button size is very large.
  • Windows
    No known issues
  • macOS / Mac OS X
    'Unidentified developer' error
    Recent versions of macOS have default security settings that prevent programs which were downloaded outside of Apple's "App Store" from being launched.

    Apple provides instructions here for installing and launching apps from "unidentified developers."
  • Linux
    No known issues

Older Versions' Known Issues:

How do I tell what version I have?

Tux Paint displays its version number at the bottom left corner of its splash screen. You can also run "tuxpaint --version" from a command-line terminal, check your Tux Paint installation's documentation pages, or tell from the name of the installation file you downloaded (e.g., "tuxpaint-X.Y.Z-windows-x86_64.zip"). The "tuxpaint --verbose-version" may also be useful.

If you have problems...

You can contact us. Be sure to tell us what version of Tux Paint you're using, what operating system and OS version you're using (e.g., "Windows 10" vs. "macOS 10.15"), and where you got your copy of Tux Paint from (our website, some other website, a magazine CDROM, etc.).

Did you know? Tux Paint runs right on your computer, and doesn't require Internet access.