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Known Issues (v.0.9.17)

Tux Paint 0.9.17
(July 2007)

  • All Versions (Global bugs)
    Arabic and Telugu text is not rendered properly
    This is a known issue. Tux Paint 0.9.18 will use the Pango library (via the "SDL_Pango" wrapper library) for rendering text, so on systems that can use it, these issues will be resolved.
    Some SVG-based stamps do not appear correctly
    (This affects Windows, Red Hat Linux, and older Fedora CORE Linux builds, as well as any other platform where Tux Paint was build with the "oldsvg" option.) This is a known issue, and is a bug in the SVG rendering library. A newer Windows build, or version 0.9.18, will resolve this, but as of July 2007 neither is available.
  • Windows
    Tux Paint will not print
    (This seems to mainly affect Windows systems that have never had Tux Paint installed on them before.) Upon a fresh install of Tux Paint 0.9.17, there is no "print.cfg" file in the "userdata" directory. This prevents Tux Paint from printing when clicking the 'Print' button and selecting 'Yes' to print. You can have Tux Paint generate a "print.cfg" file by bringing up the Windows printer dialog. Run Tux Paint in windowed mode (not fullscreen mode), hold the [Alt] key on the keyboard, and click 'Print'. Thereafter, Tux Paint should print fine, without needing to hold the [Alt] key. (Thanks to 'opakapaka2002'.)
    Tux Paint prints wrong or cut off
    An updated build of Tux Paint 0.9.17 (just the "tuxpaint.exe" executable, which should go in, e.g., "C:\Program Files\TuxPaint\") has been created which should fix this issue. Get it from ftp://ftp.tuxpaint.org/unix/x/tuxpaint/testbuilds/win32/
  • Mac OS X
    Nothing happens when Tux Paint is double-clicked on OS X 10.2.8
    The Mac OS X build of Tux Paint 0.9.17 is not currently compatible with Apple Mac OS X 10.2.8. We are looking into how to fix this. In the meantime, you can download version 0.9.14 (from October 2005) from our FTP site.
    An error is shown running the Stamps installer
    Stamps 2007.07.01 was initially built incorrectly, which caused errors on Mac OS X 10.3. In September 2007, an updated version (2007.07.01b) was released. Get it from the Mac OS X download page.
    The Stamps download file appears as an Excel or Filemaker spreadsheet or macro
    This is apparently a problem with some browsers on the Mac (notably, Internet Explorer). Simply renaming the file so that it ends in ".dmg" appears to work around this problem. (Apple's Safari browser does not appear to have this problem.)
  • Linux
    Tux Paint prints garbage
    (This affects Tux Paint running in certain locales.) This is due to scaling and translation values in the PostScript output being localized (so that the decimal point character is replaced), sending unexpected values to the printer. Run Tux Paint in the 'C' locale, or any other that uses the period (".") character as a decimal point (e.g., an English locale), or print the image(s) using an external program.

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