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Known Issues (0.9.26)

Tux Paint 0.9.26
(June 2021)

  • All Versions (Global bugs)
    Tux Paint loads very slowly
    The first time Tux Paint is launched (for a particular user), it may take a minute or more to respond. The font system used by Tux Paint (Pango) is creating a 'cache' of information about the fonts on your system. Subsequent launches of Tux Paint should be fast.

    While the font cache is generated behind the scenes, Tux Paint should remain interactive (showing an animated 'please wait' animation) while this process runs.
  • Windows
    Tux Paint's toolboxes are missing or cut off on the edges of the screen
    Tux Paint in fullscreen mode, or with a window size close to your screen's resolution, will become too large if your Windows system is configured to enlarge things shown on the display.

    Check your system's "Display" > "Scale and Layout" > "Change the size of text, apps and other items", and set it back to "100%."

    Alternatively, you may try configuring Tux Paint (e.g., via the included "Tux Paint Config." tool) to use a lower resolution (e.g., half the width and half the height, if your Windows "Scale" settings are "200%".)
    See Bug #218 at SourceForge.
    Tux Paint crashes using the on-screen keyboard in the Text and/or Label tools
    This is a known bug in Tux Paint 0.9.26. Download a newer version of Tux Paint (0.9.26-6 was posted in October 2021, for modern Windows — Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11).
    Clicks in Tux Paint using a touchscreen are one step behind the input
    This is a known issue (see bug #160). Uncheck the "hide mouse cursor for touch screens" option in your Windows settings.
  • macOS / Mac OS X
    'Unidentified developer' error
    Recent versions of macOS have default security settings that prevent programs which were downloaded outside of Apple's "App Store" from being launched.

    Apple provides instructions here for installing and launching apps from "unidentified developers."
  • Linux
    No known issues

Did you know? Tux Paint is not shareware, it's open source. So it's free, forever!