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Art Gallery — People

The Tux Paint Gallery showcases fantastic artwork made in Tux Paint by both children and adults.
(Images shared with permission from the artists. Send us yours and we'll consider adding them.)

By Nyana ()

By mik ()

Miss Whiskers Ace Combat à la Tux Paint
By foxtwos ()

Splatoon's Warabi of Diss-Pair
By kai ()

By shimsies ()

By kixsune ()

Untitled (Electric Person)
By Harrison Wyrick ()

Untitled (sick person)
By Harrison Wyrick ()

By Kezia

A Sergal from Vilous
By Tinh1000000 (u/Tinh1000000)

Untitled (soccer player)
By Harrison Wyrick ()

By littledoodler12 ()

Untitled (clown)
By Alana ()

Steps to Drawing a Woman
By Eric

By Huangxueli

Untitled (Walking with Umbrella)
By Aahna

Hatsune Miku
By Lullaby ()

The Sunny, I
By 趙美滋 (Zhao Mai Zi)

By 陈chen ()

Captain Jack is Back
By Vashti

Picasso: Faces
By David Gulley

Koda with the demonias
By koda ()

Portraiture on TuxPaint
By Miamiguet ()

By T. S. Subin

Don't Mug Me
By Kamron

Spamton from Deltarune
By lovesickle ()

By Nichapa

Image of @cakeghosts
By Lullaby ()

Super Alec
By Alec

Cubism Art
By Saanvi

Tommyinnit in Tux Paint
By mara ()

Picasso: Three Musicians
By David Gulley

By Harrison Wyrick ()

Little Lulu
By Melissa

By Kris / Luna ()

By Kris / Luna ()

My Name is Isin
By Isin

Untitled (Mermaid)
By Emily

By Veda

Snack Time
By Mrs. Trotter

By Gabriel Cardoso

Picasso: Woman with Yellow Hair
By David Gulley

(From Warioware)
By Volt ()

Raising the Flag
By Tommy Yelverton

My Father
By Samba

A Day in Fall
By Fefe

Alberto Scorfano (from 'Luca')
By Claire

By Alicia Jabberwocky

Sewing Lady
By Tommy Yelverton

The Happiest Planet
By Ankara

Deviled Eggs
By Denise

By Amane

Mario and Luigi
By Ethan

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