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Download Tux Paint Source-code

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You may use these source-code archives to compile and install Tux Paint and related software. Note that binary packages are already available for many platforms; see the main Download pages.

Developers and volunteers wishing to participate in the project are probably more interested in checking out the Tux Paint source from the Git repository at SourceForge.

See the Requirements page for a list of library dependencies. Note: You'll also need the development packages for each library (e.g., the "libsdl1.2-dev" package in Debian Linux, not just "libsdl1.2".)

May 19, 2023 - Tux Paint 0.9.30 and friends have been released and are available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Android (direct download), Red Hat Linux, Haiku, Slackware Linux, various Linux distributions (via Flatpak). (Updated May 24, 2023.)

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Tux Paint Source:

The source ".tar.gz" archive contains the source-code necessary to compile and install the core "Tux Paint" program, as well as the data-files needed to run it (user interface graphics, sound effects, etc.)


Version: 0.9.30 (2023.05.19)
From: Bill Kendrick



Rubber Stamps Collection

This ".tar.gz" archive contains a set of 'Rubber Stamp' images which can be used with the "Stamp" tool within Tux Paint. (It also contains a small script which provides the means to install the stamps.)


Version: 2023.05.19
From: Bill Kendrick



Tux Paint Config. Source:

This source ".tar.gz" archive contains the source-code necessary to compile and install the add-on "Tux Paint Config" program, a graphical tool can be used to change Tux Paint's settings.


Version: 0.0.21 (2023.05.19)
From: Bill Kendrick



Did you know? Adults enjoy Tux Paint, too!