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From the gallery: BNUUY! by possumaeda

Tux Paint is available for devices — smartphones, tablets, etc. — that use Google's Android mobile operating system, as well as devices running Google's ChromeOS (such as Chromebooks) that support running Android apps. (For ChromeOS-specific information, visit our Chromebook download page.)

It is available via the Google Play distribution platform ("app store"), the F-Droid open source software repository, or as a direct download as an "APK" package file.

Warning: Uninstalling Tux Paint may cause you to lose your drawings unless your device is using Google backup services! Be sure to use Tux Paint's "Export" function (from the "Open" dialog) to save any pictures you wish to keep prior to uninstalling.

As of version 0.9.31 (released December 2023), Tux Paint no longer requires Bluetooth access; you may revoke permissions if you're not using any external input devices with Tux Paint.

January 31, 2024 (Updated February 4, 2024) - Tux Paint 0.9.32 is now available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Android (via Google Play Store), Android (via F-Droid), Android (direct download), Red Hat Linux, Slackware Linux, various Linux distributions (via Flatpak), & Haiku! Learn what's new and download it today!

📣 View the Tux Paint 0.9.32 announcement to learn what's new in this version.

Tux Paint for Android (install via Google Play)

Tux Paint is available for Android devices in the Google Play "app store".

Tux Paint at Google Play
Version: 0.9.32-BF2 (9322)
Date: March 2, 2023
From: Terrence Sheflin

Tux Paint for Android (install via F-Droid repository)

Tux Paint is available for Android devices in the F-Droid software repository ("app store"), a catalog of Free and Open Source Software. (You'll need to install F-Droid first.)

Tux Paint at F-Droid
Version: 0.9.32-BF2 (9322)
Date: March 5, 2024
From: Pere Pujal Carabantes

Tux Paint and Tux Paint Stamps for Android (direct download APK package)

Tux Paint 0.9.32-BF2

Version: 0.9.32-BF2 (9322)
Date: February 27, 2024
Size: 143MB
From: Pere Pujal Carabantes

Compatibility note: The current version of Tux Paint requires Android OS version 5 or later. Earlier versions of Tux Paint are available, which run on older versions of Android.

Did you know? Tux Paint is named after Tux the penguin, the mascot of the Linux operating system. "Tux" is short for tuxedo.