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Download Tux Paint Source-code from Git

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Tux Paint Git Repository

The various source and data files for Tux Paint are available via "Git". ("Git" is a 'distributed version control system,' which lets developers and users alike get access to the source-code to a project, and download any changes incrementally.)

What you'll find in Git is the current code that developers are working on. It may be incomplete or unstable. If you're looking for a stable release, download the latest source release, or a pre-compiled version for your favorite platform.

Git repositories exist for the following components of Tux Pant:

  • tuxpaint - The source for the main "Tux Paint" application and its images and sounds
  • tuxpaint-docs - The PHP and HTML source code to the documentation provided with Tux Paint
  • tuxpaint-stamps - The collection of rubber stamp images and their descriptions and sounds
  • tuxpaint-config - The source to the graphical configuration tool for Tux Paint
  • tuxpaint-website - The PHP, HTML, and CSS source code, and images and other data for this website
    Note: A 'tuxpaint-website-gallery' repository also exists. It contains the image files from the website's online gallery, to reduce the space and bandwidth required to check out the website's code and other data.

Downloading Source from Git

  • For read-only anonymous access, run the following Git command:
    git clone https://git.code.sf.net/p/tuxpaint/component component
  • If you have an account with SourceForge.net, and you wish to get write-access to Tux Paint's Git repositories, contact Bill Kendrick. (Don't forget to provide your SourceForge.net username!)
  • To check out Tux Paint using your developer access, do not use the anonymous checkout commands listed above. Instead, pull it using your SourceForge account:
    git clone ssh://username@git.code.sf.net/p/tuxpaint/component component
  • Better yet, branch the repository you want to work on, make your changes there, and submit a pull request.

Tracking Git Commits

Visit the Commit Browser for each component, at the SourceForge website:

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