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Download - Sharp Zaurus PDA

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This page contains download links for an older version of Tux Paint. Unfortunately, this platform is no longer supported by Tux Paint.

'Tux Paint for Zaurus' is a ported revision to Sharp's PDA Zaurus SL series. Only VGA mode is supported. This program works fine on SL-C700 and SL-C760, but is supposedly capable of working on the other models with VGA LCD.

This revision is based on version 0.9.14 and the following modifications have been done for easy-to-use operation with touch panel of Zaurus.

  • Update routines are regularly skipped for smooth drawing on low speed PDA.
  • Some operations are based on drag instead of button-up mouse motion.
  • Mouse cursor does not appear on display. But when magic fill tool are used, pseudo mouse cursor appears.
  • Character strings were rewritten in ASCII, because gettext of Zaurus does not apparently support UTM-8.
  • Default language is Japanese, but English is selected in case where no Japanese font exists.
  • Bigger fonts are used: 24, 36, 48, 64 point.
  • Archives are separated to basic package and extra package.
  • libSDL_image.so and libpng.so are bundled in basic package.

More than 3MB free space is required in flash memory ('/home'). SD or CF memory might be avilable, it's not been verified.


tuxpaint (tar.gz)

Version: 0.9.14-z2 (2005.03.18)
From: ONO Tetsu

tuxpaint (zip)

Version: 0.9.14-z2 (2005.03.18)
From: ONO Tetsu

Alternative download for Windows users.

tuxpaint extra package

Version: 0.9.14-misc (2005.03.18)
From: ONO Tetsu

Extra package is not required for working on Zaurus. Documents, fonts, starter images and locate files are included.

tuxpaint zaurus source patch

Version: 0.9.14-z2
From: ONO Tetsu

Additional Libaries

You may also need to install SDL shared libraries.

SDL library for ONScripter

Version: 20031201

Using Tux Paint for Zaurus:

  1. Installation
    Before installing tuxpaint_0.9.14-z2.ipk, you have to install 'onscripter-lib_20031201_arm.ipk' (see below).
  2. Fonts

    Basic package has only one font: 'default_font.ttf'. You can install the other fonts included in original Tux Paint archive from the 'Extra' package.

    If you like to use another 1-byte TrueType font, you copy it to '/opt/QtPalmtop/share/tuxpaint/fonts/'.

    If you want Japanese menus, you have to install a Japanese font as '/opt/QtPalmtop/share/tuxpaint/fonts/locale/ja.ttf'. You'll also need to install Japanese locale files. Please read INSTALL_zau_ja.html for information on how to setup a Japanese environment.

  3. Stamps

    The basic package has only a small number of stamp images, because it takes a long time to load stamps at start-up on Zaurus.

    If you want to install optional stamps, you can download them from the Tux Paint source download page and copy them to '/opt/QtPalmtop/share/tuxpaint/stamps/'. It's recommend you select only your favorite ones!

  4. Starter images

    The basic pack doesn't include starter images.

    If only a few starter images exist in the proper folder, you have to wait several seconds to open image list. It is recommended you not install starter images, but if you might want, you have to copy them to '/opt/QtPalmtop/share/tuxpaint/starters/'.


The "Tux Paint Config." configuration tool for Tux Paint is currently not available for the Zaurus, so you will have to make a configuration file by hand ('~/.tuxpaintrc').

Please see original documents for details.

Further Information

  • It takes 30 to 60 seconds to start up this program. You might suspect the program has hung, but please wait still until the Tux penguin image appears.
  • If your PDA is not ready to print, don't press the 'Print' button, as the program will creash. To avold this problem, start up tuxpaint with '--noprint' option, or write the following line in the '~/.tuxpaintrc' config. file:
  • Information on Tux Paint for Zaurus was available at ONO Tetsu's site: http://www.geocities.jp/ono_tetsu/tuxpaint/ [archived].
  • The original version of this document is located at: http://www.geocities.jp/ono_tetsu/tuxpaint/tuxpaint_zau_en.html.

Did you know? Adults enjoy Tux Paint, too!