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Slackware Packages

Tux Paint for Slackware Linux is available as two packages, maintained in the SlackBuilds.org repository. One contains the main program (Tux Paint) and confiugration GUI (Tux Paint Config.). The other contains the optional 'stamps' collection.

July 21, 2023 - Tux Paint 0.9.31 and friends have been released and are available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Red Hat Linux, Slackware Linux, various Linux distributions (via Flatpak), & Haiku. (Updated July 22, 2023.)
July 1, 2023 - We've posted a series of interviews with artists who use Tux Paint. Visit the Interviews page to read them!

If you have "sbopkg", the slackbuilds.org package browser, you can install Tux Paint using the following commands:

sqg -p tuxpaint -o tux_paint
sbopkg -i tux_paint
sbopkg -i tuxpaint-stamps

Alternatively, you can use the "sbopkg" GUI and manually create and install libpaper, SDL_Pango, SDL_gfx, fltk, pngquant, libunibreak, tuxpaint-stamps, and then install tuxpaint.

Available Tux Paint packages for various releases of Slackware (as of August 2, 2023) are listed below. (More details on Tux Paint packages in Slackware may be found at slackbuilds.org.)

📣 View the Tux Paint 0.9.31 announcement to learn what's new in this version.

Tux Paint

tuxpaint & tuxpaint-config

Version: tuxpaint 0.9.31 & tuxpaint-config 0.0.22 for Slackware 15.0 (2023.07.22)
From: Tim Dickson

tuxpaint & tuxpaint-config

Version: tuxpaint 0.9.25 & tuxpaint-config 0.0.16 for Slackware 14.2 (2021.01.15)
From: Tim Dickson

Rubber Stamps package

Note: The latest Tux Paint Stamps (2023-07-20) hadn't landed when we checked on 2023-08-02.


Version: 2023.07.20 for Slackware 15.0 (2023.07.20)
From: Tim Dickson


Version: 2020.12.27 for Slackware 14.2 (2021.01.15)
From: Tim Dickson


You can download the latest version as source code and build it yourself.

Did you know? Tux Paint is not shareware, it's open source. So it's free, forever!