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Reviews - ComputerActive

October 2003

VNU Business Publications in England publishes Computeractive magazine.

They reviewed Tux Paint in their Downloads centre on October 14, 2003:

Tux Paint

A friendly painting program for children.
Review Tim Smith [14-10-2003]

Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Elements might be impressive pieces of software for adults but children probably find them boring. Tux Paint is a simple painting program that features a penguin named Tux, who offers help when and where relevant.

Basic shapes are easy to draw and fill, and there is a nice selection of Magic Tools. These are all very easy to use and are capable of some very impressive effects.

Saving and opening files is done with thumbnails of the pictures rather than the traditional dialogue. Pictures can be saved as stamps that can then be used to 'place' a picture onto another drawing.


With its colourful design and ease of use, Tux Paint is sure to appeal to younger children.

Did you know? Penguins live almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere.