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Voulez-vous essayer une version beta de Tux Paint ? Une version beta de la prochaine version de Tux Paint est disponible pour cette plateforme ! If you'd like to test it, and provide us with feedback or bug reports, you can download the beta version instead.

Tux Paint for Windows1 is available as an installer program, downloadable as an executable program (.exe) which you can double-click to begin the installation process.2

Tux Paint installer for Windows comes as two parts, the main program (plus the configuration program), and the optional add-on 'stamps' collection.

mai 10, 2022 - A retrospective of our project's history has been created, to celebrate 20 years of Tux Paint. Enjoy!
novembre 26, 2021 - Tux Paint 0.9.27 and Tux Paint Config. 0.0.18 have been released, and are available for Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. Many updates have been made, including six new Magic tools, and Magic tool grouping. Learn more about the latest Tux Paint!

Tux Paint & Tux Paint Config.

Tux Paint & Tux Paint Config. for Windows is available for both newer 64-bit ('x86_64') and older 32-bit ('i686') CPU architectures. Learn how to tell which you have with this Microsoft FAQ article.

64-bit (x86_64)

Tux Paint 0.9.27-3 (x86_64)

Version : 0.9.27-3-windows-x86_64 (2022.01.11)
Taille : 27MB
De : TOYAMA Shin-Ichi

32-bit (i686)

Tux Paint 0.9.27-1 (i686)

Version : 0.9.27-1-windows-i686 (2021.11.27)
Taille : 28MB
De : TOYAMA Shin-Ichi

Tampons caoutchouc (facultatif)

Tux Paint Stamps 2021-11-25-2

Version : 2021-11-25-2 (2022.01.12)
Taille : 159MB
De : TOYAMA Shin-Ichi

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1. Compatibility note: This version of Tux Paint is for modern Windows systems, including: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

If you're using an older version of Windows, you can download an older version of Tux Paint for Windows XP/2000, or for for Windows 95/98/ME.

2. (If you would prefer not to install Tux Paint onto your Windows system, you can instead use the Tux Paint ZIP-file, which runs from within its own folder. This is also known as a "Portable" version.)

Le saviez-vous ? Tux Paint n'est pas un gratitiel, c'est un logiciel open source. Il est donc d'utilisation libre, et ce pour toujours !