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Note: Please be sure to mention what operating system and OS version you are running (e.g., "Windows 10", "Mac OS X 10.13", etc.), and which version of Tux Paint you're using (it appears on the splash screen when you launch it, is part of the name of file you downloaded (e.g, "tuxpaint-0.9.18-win32-installer.exe"), appears at the top of your installed version's documentation, and is shown if you run the command "tuxpaint --version" from a terminal/shell/console).

Otherwise, before we can help you, the first thing we'll ask is: what operating system are you running, and what version of Tux Paint you are trying to use.

Report Bugs or make Feature Requests

The Tux Paint project at SourceForge.net provides ways to report bugs and request features.

Contact Developers and Users via our Mailing Lists

The various Tux Paint mailing-lists are read by most of the developers of, and contributors to, Tux Paint (as well as by many users).

Chat Live with Developers

These same people can occasionally be found on the #tux4kids Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel on the FreeNode network.

Contact the Lead Developer

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding Tux Paint, you may e-mail the lead developer, Bill Kendrick, at: bill@newbreedsoftware.com.

Also note: Bill speaks English and runs Linux, so if you have Windows or Mac questions, or send email in another language, he may need to pass your query along to another developer. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Get a Live Demo in Your Area

If you're interested in having Tux Paint demonstrated for your school or user group, the following volunteers have mentioned their availability to do so. (Contact us by any of the means above if you're not located nearby. As listed on the Developers page, the Tux Paint team is international, and someone may be available!)

Also see the Events page for information on forthcoming and past events, and for presentation slides from past events.

(This list last updated February 2008.

Did you know? Adults enjoy Tux Paint, too!

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